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** Amsterdam and Holland / Netherlands
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 2:51 pm 
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From the archives....

The Netherlands
The Striptease bar in Amsterdam, La Vie en Proost, is changed, now you can touch the girls.

There is also a strip bar in Eindhoven named The Afterdark, you can find them on the internet under This is a very good place with private shows for 35 euro incl. touching all over... When you send the owner an e-mail that you are coming with 15 people he will arrange more girls for you. Normally there are 5 girls, but they are sitting where the money is... During working days it is not so busy over there.

There is also a Club in Rotterdam named OQ. The girls only dance on stage, and they talk with you during a drink and when you want, you can go to the second level of the building and do what you want.

[The Dutch Guys, October 16th 2003]


Your correspondent's report on Amsterdam got it slightly wrong about La Vie en Rose. La Vie en Rose itself does actually contain the usual Red Light district ladies, but a little further along the alley is a bar La Vie en Prost (or similar) which is about as close as I've found in Amsterdam to regular stripping.

You have to pay to get in (10 euro IIRC). Once inside, there are two bars (with topless waitresses if you like that kind of thing). There are usually about 5 girls, who dance on top of one of the bars (which is wider than usual for obvious reasons). Each dance lasts for several songs. Although the girls end up completely naked, the dance is not usually as explicit as most Shoreditch pubs.

If you're sitting at the bar during the dance, the girls will invite you to have a lapdance on your stool. You'll need to tip them for this - prices seem to have gone up since the euro came in and the going rate seemed to be about 20 euro last time I was there. A bar stool is not ideal for this kind of thing, and the positions can get a bit awkward, but depending on the girl touching etc is not only permitted but frequently encouraged. One girl insisted that I smacked her behind, and made me keep doing it until I got it right (not my kind of thing, I don't know who suggested it to her).

The girls are almost without exception friendly, but there is a small amount of "can you buy me an (expensive) drink". No-one really seems to mind if you don't buy them a drink though, so I wouldn't be put off by this. Beers etc for yourself are not cheap though, so don't plan on getting drunk here (especially with the typical thimble sized Dutch beer glasses!).

All in all, I quite like this place, and its worth a try if your in Amsterdam. It certainly has a more relaxed and friendly feel than the "live sex show" places. When I first went to Amsterdam I was actually a bit disappointed that there weren't any strip clubs / bars which were not 150% tourist oriented - does anyone else have any recommendations (in Amsterdam, or elsewhere in the Netherlands)?

[James, October 15th 2002]


Suspecting that I may have missed something important during my last visit in March 2000 I felt obliged to again to check out the city on behalf of this website.

Little has changed. There are four strip clubs, all within a hundred yards of each other on Oudezijds Achterburwal in the Red Light District – plus at least twice that number of “ticket” shops giving the appearance of being clubs in their own right. Casa Rossa, for example, has three almost identical fronts within 50 yards of each other on the same side of the street, but only the southerly one is the real club. Prices at ticket shops are the same as for the real thing – you just have to be careful that you don’t pay for a ticket to a show you’ve already seen! Ask “is the show here” before parting with money.

Casa Rossa is, in strip club terms, a large theatre with some 200 seats giving dedicated performances which last just under two hours. The show was professionally choreographed and consisted of the usual dildo, beads and candle acts plus one boy/girl act. A modest amount of audience participation – mainly with the male stripper interacting with female members of the audience (about 40% of the audience was female – mostly in groups). Perhaps not the place to take a maiden aunt, but probably not likely to offend a modern minded miss.

Live Porno Show (which used to be called “Live Sex Show”) is immediately opposite Casa Rossa. A 40 seater with a raised curtained stage with continuous shows from 2pm. But 15 minute breaks between shows. There were four acts of 10 minutes each – two boy/girl, a display of gymnastics illuminated by a candle in pussy and a smoker happily puffing away at a cigar. Everything was very mechanical with no eye contact and no audience participation, although the girls were quite nice, rating 7 to 8. Entry €20, drinks €3

Moulin Rouge, some 50 yards north of “Live Porno Show” on the same side of the road/canal. A 40 seater, “L” shaped bar with a curtainless, raised stage with continuous show from mid afternoon. Five acts in about 75 minutes ranging from the marker pen act (she writes “I Love You” on the chest of a victim), dildo, beads and a banana (all involving audience participation on the stage) plus a boy/girl act. Girls were of a fairly good standard, generally 7 to 8 and eye contact was reasonable. More fun and better value than “Live Porno Show”. Entry €25, drinks €3 (or free drinks for €35).

Bananarama or Banana Bar a few yards from “Live Porno Show”. This was not visited, but other reports suggest that it’s the place for a boys night out with free drinks for an hour and a banana and dildo show on the bar top itself.

La Vie en Rose is advertised as a strip club, but is in fact a brothel (German style), but the neighbouring La vie en Rauche has a sign indicating a strip club and topless waitress service from 8pm, which was not visited. Indications suggest that it was less of a strip club and more of a “buy the girls expensive drinks” club.

A couple of peep shows, one on the main street and one close to the Oude Kirk, offered various strip and boy/girl acts – you get about 5 minutes for €2 or €3 in the communal show or, for €20 a five minute personal strip. All behind glass. The communal shows are worth a few € but the private booth shows are a rip-off. Or, for €50 for 15 minutes you could take your pick of the girls in the windows – every shape, size, colour, age and predilection available to suit all tastes!

[Joe B, July 2002]


Cabaret/Floor show Clubs
A number of cabaret clubs exist, mainly around the Rembrant Square area, but are probably not of great interest to the dedicated sex show addict.
Strip Clubs
Despite there appearing to be some 10 strip clubs in the city, only 3 are active, the other 7 being "ticket" outlets for the active three - all the active clubs are in the Achterburgwal in the Red Light District.
The active clubs are Casa Rosse and its partner club (immediately opposite side of the street/canal) simply called "Live Sex Show" and Moulin Rouge - all within 100 yards of each other. All are theatre or club/theatre style with semi-continuous shows.

The acts consist of solo girls - involving candles, bananas, bottles, beads etc. - with every second or third act a boy/girl intercourse show. The artists are generally young and good looking, some really great, and there was a good humoured rapport between artists and audience, especially as most acts included audience participation. Women represent about 20% of the audience and one show had a male stripper.

Prices were $25 for the Casa Rosse including its partner club (with unlimited repeat visits during a day) - ie. two shows for the price of one, and $25 for Moulin Rouge. Each show lasting between 30 minutes and one hour. Drinks were all $2.5 - the same price as the local bars

Peep Shows
Essentially a large round, revolving bed, surrounded with a dozen small private cubicles. The acts were basically the same as the theatre shows (including a full intercourse act every hour or so) but at a much faster pace. Prices were $1 for about two minutes - slot machine.
The Red Light District of Amsterdam has many hundreds of bars and coffee houses; at least 200 "girls" in lighted windows and tens of sex shops (toys, hard-core magazines and videos and video booths) and a few cinemas (hard-core, bizarre and gay) - all within an area 600 yards by 300 yards. The atmosphere of the District is relaxed and friendly with a very cosmopolitan mix of inhabitants and visitors.
[Joe B, March 2000]


La Vie en Prost
PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 10:28 am 

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Just a note to any of the people who use the Queen Anne that Cristal who use to dance at the Queen Annie is now back in Amsterdam and was dancing at the La Vie en Prost. Not sure if she is still there but was last month.


PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2007 1:50 pm 
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Having visited Amsterdam on many occasions and never taken the opportunity to go to La vie en Proost I thought it time to give it a try. I should done this a lot earlier.

A small bar/club (15 patrons is comfortable, 30 is a tight crowd) with two bars, the longer of which is also the dance floor. A continuous show, two girls at a time, do their stuff using poles, roof bars and patrons knees in agile gymnastics. The first 5 minutes is dressed, the next topless and the final 5 minutes naked.
Private Dance’s are really “Personal Dances” - which you can request or are offered – a 3-4 minute dance which mostly involve the girl astride your lap as you sit on the barstool fixed to the floor. Touching is actively encouraged although her crutch is generally inaccessible because of its close proximity to yours !
The girls are reasonably attractive although strongly built (some of the gymnastics border on the professional) but all without exception are sociable and friendly. I spent an enjoyable hour helping a Russian “improve her English” at a cost of 20 euro for her drink – certainly not a rip off.
All in all a nice atmosphere and miles ahead of the charmless “sex shows” elsewhere in the RLD. A couple of hours; a few drinks (around 5 euro each) and a few dances (20 euro) will only cost you £50.

Opening hours are 20h00 to 02h00 (closed on Sundays) with an entrance fee of 5 euro.
Website:- with a map which is essential as the club is down a tiny (one person wide) alley about 20 metres south west of the Oude Kerke.

PS. The girls behind the bar are topless – and very nice they were too !

Joe B


PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:35 pm 
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I can confirm after a recent visit that things are still pretty much the same at "La vie en Proost". It was 5 euro entrance and 10 euro for a bartop-dance. The girls were indeed quite muscular but still of a good quality. Topless barmaid not so nice mind :)


Re: ** Amsterdam and Holland / Netherlands
PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:25 pm 
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I was in Amsterdam recently. La Vie en Proost still going strong, and more or less as described above.


Re: ** Amsterdam and Holland / Netherlands
PostPosted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:55 pm 
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The well-known Amsterdam strip club La Vie en Proost

also has a sister club called
La Vie Deux
Located at Thorbeckeplein 22, 1017 CS Amsterdam


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