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** Milano review
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 10:08 pm 
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I recently revisited Milan and this is an update on my report of two years ago. Hermes has now closed and is a bingo hall! Il Teatrino is still going strong and I visited another club called Striptease.

Il Teatrino
Via Redi 2
Milano, Italy
+39 02 2951 8778
Metro: Lima (Line 1)
Admission: 26 Euros front rows of seats, 20 Euros back rows, 15 Euros tables. Tickets are for reserved seats.

Otherwise pretty much as last time.

Via Padova 272
Milano, Italy
+39 02 27201030
Metro: Crescenzago (Line 2), or bus 56 from Loretto. Convenient for Agape and Adam hotels.
Open: Wed-Sun 16:00-18:30, Tue-Sun 22:00-03:30
Admission: 21 Euros. Compulsory cloakroom.

A largish venue (maybe an former cinema) nicely done-up in 'night club' style. Bar. Lots of comfy seating, with tables, in a sort of horseshoe around a largish stage and catwalk. I went in the evening; although advertised as opening at 22:00 customers were not let in until about 20 past, and the stage show didn't begin until about 23:10. I had to leave get back to central Milan at about 23:45, so there may have been more to it than I saw.

There were about 20 girls, who sat with customers when not dancing, but didn't seem to hassle for drinks or private dances. The stage show was some solo stripping, and some massed, all introduced by a compere. At the end of the massed show, the girls offered table dances, for which you had to buy 5 Euro vouchers. Someone won a free dance (can't remember how).

In addition there were private dances for 112 Euros (62 for the house and 50 'tip' for the girl). The 15 minute length was enforced by staff. Purely in the interests of research of course, I had a dance with a very attractive Russian girl called Svetlana. It wasn't a lap dance but quite a close table dance. Some 'accidental' touching of breasts etc was allowed, but nothing much more.

I'd have liked to stay longer, so I was annoyed at the late start. Don't know if the afternoon set-up is the same.

Mike A, Mar 2003


I recently visited Milan and was able to visit three strip clubs while I was there. Prior to going, I looked up venues in the Strip Club List and The Ultimate Strip Club List, and visited some of the ones which had positive comments from punters. A London Strip list member also recommended Il Teatrino. Currency: 3,000 ITL = 1 GBP approx.

Il Teatrino
Via Redi 2
+39 02 2951 8778
Metro: Lima (Line 1)

Separate shows at 15.30, 21.30 and 24.00 (but the ones I went to were all late in starting) Admission: 50,000 ITL front rows of seats, 40,000 ITL back rows, 30,000 ITL tables. (3,000 ITL = 1 GBP approx)

A medium-sized cellar venue with 40 or so theatre seats, plus some chairs and tables at sides and back of room. Low stage with a bed on it. Bar. Clean loos.

Each show consisted of four solo girl acts, lasting 20 minutes or so each, plus an interval. There was plently of audience participation: the girls came off the stage and performed on and around the audience, and occasionally took a man on to the stage to use as a prop. Touching the girls was encouraged, though different girls had different limits. The audience applauded frequently during the show - at the end of record tracks, after a particularly interesting manoeuver, or sometimes for no obvious reason. And the girls didn't have to pick up their discarded pieces of costume at the end of their shows - this was the job of the stage manager!

Table dances were available at 200,000 ITL in a separate curtained-off area. These were basically more of the same, but in private. You got the girl's undivided attention for tow ot three tracks and could touch her; you got a bit of frottage and mild groping.

Via Daniele Crespi 15
+39 02 8940 3324
Metro: S Agostino or Porta Genova (Line 2)

Separate shows at 15.30, 18.30 and 22.00. The rest of the time it is an adult cinema. Admission: 40,000 ITL front rows of seats, 30,000 ITL back rows

A vast venue: a cinema with a couple of hundred seats, and room for many more. Only a dozen or so punters for the 18.30 show on a Wednesday. High stage (1.5m). No bar or private dances (as far as I noticed). Because of its size Hermes has a completely different atmosphere from Il Teatrino, but the format is much the same, though perhaps marginally raunchier: four solo girl acts, lasting 20 minutes or so each; girls come off the stage and perform on amd around the audience, occasionally toaking a man on to the stage to use as a prop; touching the girls was encouraged, though different girls had different limits. And the same applause conventions.

Via Marziale 1
+39 02 7600 6679
Metro: Babila (Line 1)

Opening hours 22.30 - 04.00 Admission: 30,000 ITL

A cellar bar in the centre of the city. Striptease on a low stage surrounded by bench seats and chairs at tables. The photos on the website give a pretty good idea of the decor and shows - apart from the bikes!). Drinks more expensive than ordinary bars, but not outrageous.

A dozen or more girls, peforming more or less continuously. Girls perform on amd around the audience, usually taking a man on to the stage to use as a prop. If you restrict yourself to the above, it is probably reasonable value for money. However, the main point of the club is persuading to spend more for a girl's company, either at your table or in a private room. I don't think you are obliged to do this, but the girls are very persistent. I made the mistake of giving in too early and paid 300,000 ITL for a private lap dance: lots of touching but not really good vfm.

Nude Live Show
Via Ripamonti 514
+39 033 9859 6880
Tram 24, then bus 222 (two stops)

Closed when I went there in the afternoon. From the outside, looks more like a swingers club than a strip venue. South of the built-up area of the city. If going after dark, I'd advise taking a taxi as it's not actually in the main road (Via Ripamonti) but down a side road and then across a muddy car park.

Mike A, Mar 2001


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